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An Update About Camp Registration

We opened registration for the 2019 AHG Camp Carolina on Thursday, February 7, 2019. We decided to open with an immediate waitlist of sorts, rather than placing registrations on a first-come basis. This post is meant to provide further clarity into what we are doing and what to expect as far as registering.

As background, we have this year accepted a pre-registration interest from those who attended the first camp, as well as from a handful of Troops that were providing important support or resources to the camp initiative. There was a spike in interest late last week amongst that group, leading to a concern by the committee there would be inadequate seats during open registration. Since that time, the committee has identified a plan that would enable us to more fully utilize the capacity of our host facility.

We are requesting those who are interested in attending to complete a registration form by Thursday, February 14, 2019. The registration software will place newly received registrations on its waitlist. On February 15, or shortly thereafter, we will make an initial placement from that waitlist. As of February 9, 2019, we are projecting that we will have as many as two dozen spots to place waitlist-registered members into. Anyone remaining on the waitlist, or registered into the waitlist thereafter, would be placed if and when a space becomes available. In the event that we have fewer registrations that spots, we will reopen registration for first-come, first-served registration until camp is full.

Has Camp Sold Out?

No. We would define a sold out, full camp as a deposited person for each spot. We have had specific, identifiable people express an interest in a large percentage of our spaces, which necessitated an adjusted registration process. We expect that at least some people who newly registered between now and February 14 will have an opportunity to attend the camp.

What does it mean that I am on the waitlist?

Between Feb 7 and Feb 14, being on the waitlist means you are in our grouping of member awaiting the initial placement of public registrations.

After Feb 18, being on the waitlist means you are waiting for someone else to release a spot (by not paying a deposit, for example) before being placed.

Are all the spots the same?

While we have identified a plan that would enable us to more fully utilize the capacity of our host facility, all registration slots for adult and girl members are the same, and each attendee should expect the same experience regardless of whether they have the first slot or the last slot.

How does this process impact payment?

There is no payment required for the waitlist (either the temporary one or the standard waitlist). Once a slot is assigned and the registration accepted, an email will be sent with payment instructions. The expectation is that the deposit is tendered within one week of that email, unless other arrangements are made.